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The story of NWG

Established within the emergence of the Norwegian oil industry

North Well Gefro (formerly Gefro) was established within the emergence of the Norwegian oil industry. Today we are among the nation’s most experienced mechanical workshops within production and maintenance of equipment to the oil industry. On the road from two brothers to around forty employees working in Harestadveien at Randaberg. NWG has built up valuable experience and developed special skills which enables us to deliver time critical solutions and products on time.

Short story…

It all began with two men working in a tent at Kalhammaren in 1980.

The two brothers, Geir and Frode Thoresen, had seen the opportunities on how to maintain and repair the equipment for the North Sea. Moreover, there was very little capacity for these services in the area, and the market was growing strongly.

The brothers took on all types of mechanical work at the start: If someone wanted a bicycle repaired, they did it. The philosophy was there right from the very first day: if you delivered good quality at the right price and on time, the customers will come. By this the demand increased.

Demand for their services would come as a result of the company’s good name as a quality supplier, together with constantly searching for good solutions for its customers.

The company gradually grew stronger thanks to quality, deliveries, efficiency and great adaptability. In addition to the assignment for repair and maintenance work, Gefro worked continuously to develop expertise based on the industry’s need for special components and complex constructions.

In 1991 Gefro moved into new premises in the Hammaren industrial area in Tananger. The company developed together with customer needs. Rune Runestad in Runestad Investering became a co-owner of the company. Along with a two-hectare site and modern installations and technology within construction and production, the company had all it takes to develop into a total supplier of services within pipes and drilling equipment.

An important ingredient for success is the staff continuously developing their experience. Key personnel qualified for AutoCAD and Inventor design software. At the same time the company started to use state-of-the-art installations connected to inspection of drilling casings, drill pipes and test pipes. In 1994 the company also became certified in accordance with the NS-ISO 9001 standard.

Persistent, long-term work resulted in 1997 with Gefro being awarded the Regional Quality Prize for small and large businesses in Rogaland by the Norwegian Association of Quality and Leadership (NFKL). The year after Gefro entered into a long-term agreement with the major international oil service company Baker Hughes. The customer list grew and included more and more well-known players in the industry.

In 2010, the board agreed to a name change from Gefro Oilfield Services to North Well Gefro AS (NWG).

On 22 Februar 2016, NWG got new owners, Runestad Investering AS and Ranyard Eiendom AS (Randaberg Industries AS). Together with these to business partners, NWG is able to offer an even wider range of solutions, products and services.

Gefros’ story begins with two men in a tent on Kalhammaren in 1980.


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We are located in new premises at Harestadvika Industrial Area in Randaberg. Large scale capacity, advanced technology, first-class machinery and modern installations on the design and production side take care of all our functions as a skilled and reliable total supplier.