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NWG is among the nation’s leading mechanical workshops for manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical equipment to the oil industry. Service and quality is upmost important throughout the process for all our services.


Our machining department consists of highly skilled operators with high competence in both repair, maintenance and new production of oil-related equipment.


Our welders perform application welding and butt welding on well and drilling equipment. We have a significant number of approved welding procedures.


NWG makes every effort to do as much as possible as quickly as possible, thereby reducing the internal and external lead time.

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We collaborate with Randaberg Group for work that requires a mechanical department. As part of the Randaberg Group, we can supply a wide range of services and deliveries of equipment to the mechanical industry.

A modern and well-equipped machine park with good facilities

NWG's production facilities and logistics areas are a total of 4400 square meters, divided into machining workshop, welding workshop, built-in inspection and logistics area, office facilities, and administration. We also have a 2,000 square meter outdoor area for storage and handling of equipment.


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We are located in new premises at Harestadvika Industrial Area in Randaberg. Large scale capacity, advanced technology, first-class machinery and modern installations on the design and production side take care of all our functions as a skilled and reliable total supplier.