Zero harm to personnel, environment & material

HSEQ & Certificates

We work towards “zero harm” to injuries and accidents.

NWG is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 (quality), ISO 14001:2015 (environment) and ISO 3834-2 (welding). The company works according to ISO 45001:2018 (working environment). NWG is registered in Magnet JQS.


NWG is committed to fulfil the requirements of relevant standards, laws and regulations, and to continually improve the quality management system.  

NWG is built on openness, where the exchange of expertise, ideas and experience within the organisation comes naturally, in order to ensure the best quality of our products and services.

NWG will strive to meet the customer’s requirements, needs, expectations and wishes. We will work to create an environment for improvements to ensure competitiveness for both NWG and our customers. This will be the foundation for further development of products, processes and market opportunities. We aim to be the preferred business partner with high professional competence and good business ethics.

Our quality requirements apply to all employees and our suppliers. Our employees shall be ambassadors for NWG’s values and leadership principles.




NWG has a “zero harm” philosophy to injuries and accidents. NWG sincerely believe that all accidents can be prevented. This is achieved through visible management commitment, implementation of systematic internal control measures, risk evaluations and measures to continuously identify and reduce health hazards and environmental risks.

Health, Safety and Environment is an integral element in all planning and execution of our activities, and we are committed to meet relevant laws and regulations.

Safety and commitment among our employees is an essential part of our corporate philosophy. NWG aims to be a company where the employee satisfaction is high and to have a good and open working environment, which promotes the exchange of ideas, expertise and experiences.




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NWG has a «zero harm» philosophy to environmental damage and accidents. NWG is committed to continuously improve the environmental management system and to prevent pollution.

We strive to limit the negative impact on the environment from our activities. We will improve our environmental competence to be able to influence our suppliers and customers through our involvement in environmental issues.

We are committed to comply with applicable laws and regulations and customer requirements.




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We are located in new premises at Harestadvika Industrial Area in Randaberg. Large scale capacity, advanced technology, first-class machinery and modern installations on the design and production side take care of all our functions as a skilled and reliable total supplier.