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Logistics is all about service, quality and optimal utilisation of resources. NWG makes every effort to get as much as possible done as quickly as possible, in order to reduce internal and external lead times. This enables us to meet the customers’ needs for a rapid and secure delivery.

Our stringent requirements with regard to correct and efficient time utilisation come into play right from the first customer contact, and apply throughout the entire transport, production and installation chain until the product is completed. We have efficient systems in place, which save time in the exchanges between the various working operations, where we map the flow between the various links in the chain and ensure the necessary follow-up in terms of certification and documentation. We have set up an integrated and simplified system, which accelerates the flow of goods in the company and ensures a steady workflow, quality and flexibility throughout the process. We also place great importance on reliability of delivery, and pay close attention to important details such as the quality of the packaging right up to the point of delivery.

NWG always strives for continuous communication, precise information and qualitative documentation during all steps and phases of the project.

North Well Gefro´s modern and practical facilities.

We have the facilities and the space to fill

NWG is located at the entrance to Stavanger, 1 km from the North Sea. Here we have a deep-water quay with a total length of 320 meters. The quay is located in an ISPS approved port, which secures both ships and port facilities.

NWG’s production facilities and logistics areas are a total of 4400 square meters, divided into machining workshop, welding workshop, built-in inspection and logistics area, office facilities, and administration. We also have a 2,000 square meter outdoor area for storage and handling of equipment.

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We are located in new premises at Harestadvika Industrial Area in Randaberg. Large scale capacity, advanced technology, first-class machinery and modern installations on the design and production side take care of all our functions as a skilled and reliable total supplier.